Development of the company

   In the years after World War II we began developing a method for producing car-upholstery. Soon after that not only most European car companies worked with our machines but also others world-wide. Our picture shows the formal opening of a large-scale plant in Japan.

Japan 1951

Large-scale plant 1951

   In the 70s our plants for the production of fiber sheets, needled felts and non-wovens were exported to already more than 40 countries.

VW beetle 70s

Car interior lining 1982

   DOA developed two specific process techniques: on the one hand, now we could manufacture insulating felts made out of recycled fiber materials plus thermosplastic powder, on the other hand, we developed a technology that enables subsuppliers of the automotive industry to produce sheets for molded parts in ways that are energy conscious and environmentally friendly.

Jaguar XK8: Wood fiber sheets for molded press parts (interior lining)



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